Wedding In Hannover, Germany

Alexander & Inga

Wedding of Alexander and Inga, which shoot in Hanover. I was invited as a wedding photographer. I am often invited to shoot in various cities of Germany, Switzerland, France and other European countries. Most wedding photographers work in this format – offering wedding photography not only in the city or the country in which live, but in the other cities and countries. The shootings to another city or country is not only very interesting professionally, also a great responsibility for me. In the summer I go to a very large number of weddings throughout Europe and my schedule is quite tight, but you can be sure that at your wedding, I will not the road, because, always take one day before photographing a wedding. I often expect the logistics so that to arrive by car or by train, but this time I flew from Zurich by plane, as usual, the day before the wedding. I’ve been wanting to get to know Hannover! Once approved the photo shoot, I thoroughly prepared – fully studied possible locations, including closed in case of bad weather and some time with the newlyweds, we approved the route and timing of the wedding photo shoot. The photo session it was decided to hold together with the guests – it’s great when you have the opportunity to plan the day so that there was a time and place for a photo shoot with the guests!

The main part of the wedding photo shoot took place in the Herrenhausen gardens (Herrenhäuser Gärten) are a great place for wedding photo shoots! Wedding photographer is always very important that the place in which the photography was diverse – this allows you to hold a wedding photo shoot interesting, varied and effective. The Herrenhausen gardens from this point of view is ideal for wedding photo shoot – there are fountains, architecture, large open spaces and closed.

The wedding dinner was held in the restaurant at the hotel Kastens Hotel Luisenhof which is located in the heart of Hannover. The hotel took part of the photo shoot.

Wedding photographer in Germany – Andrew Guriew